Mystic River Acupuncture is committed to education and offers related classes for professional practitieoners and the general public.


Acupuncture is performed by Licensed Acupuncturists who are trained in both traditional and modern acupuncture tmethods.

Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Therapeutic bodywork goes hand in hand with acupuncture. Schedule an individual massage with a Licensed Massage Therapist, or coordinate your session with an acupuncture treatment.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is unlike herbal remedies you may have tried. Formulas are customized personally for you.

Cupping & Guasha

Cupping and Guaha have been used for centuries. In cupping, suction is applied to the body and in guasha, a gently rounded 'guasha tool' is rubbed across the body. Both treatments are applied in specific patterns depending on the patient's condition.

Other Services

We also offer services that may not fall into the other categories listed here. These may include services combining multiiple therapies together, integrative therapies, and phone consultations or distance healing.

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